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Hi every body.

I am a camera operator working for a video production company. Many of our clients are in Geneva where I live right now and many others are in Nyon, Lausanne, Lavaux, etc.

I want to move somewhere in between Geneva and Lausanne, in a quiet neighborhood e.g. at Nyon, Gland, Morges etc and relatively near to a bus or train station if possible.

I am looking to share a flat with a kitchen. I prefer home made food and I cook sometimes.

I am clean, tidy, discreet, respectful of other people’s needs and I do not smoke.

I am from Thessaloniki, Greece, already living 8 years in Switzerland, and I have Permis C (autorisation d’établissement).

Native language Greek, professionally fluent in English, speaking some German and study intensively French. Colocation with native speakers of French will certainly help me a lot.

I can move in to the new place at anytime; preferably before the 30.11.2018.

Do not hesitate to contact for more details and for a non-binding visit.

Ioannis “Yannis” MALLIDIS

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Publiée le 8 novembre 2018