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Hi there!

My name is Tommy, I’m a 26yo Frenchman currently living in Paris.

I just found a job in Zurich as a headhunter in a firm and I am relocating between January 15th and January 19th in order to start on January 21st.

I am a nice person, very open-minded, who loves to laugh and very neat. I speak French, English and Spanish fluently and I have lived 2 years and a half abroad.

I am currently living in Paris in a flat share as well with 2 other people so I know exactly how to live with someone else :)

I like to clean, I do not smoke and I am very tidy!

Also, I’d like to meet new people and make new friends so I’m very opened to new friendship :)

I like to spend some time with my flat mate(s) such as cooking together, drinking some wine or beer, watching tv shows, going for a tour or party hard!

Contact me if you are interested in my « profile » so that we can have a proper chat about it.



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Publiée le 21 décembre 2018